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Teasers are out for JTBC drama Can We Get Married?

My first Post!


So, I'm really excited to watch JTBC new drama, because has Lee Min Sook (loved her on Cinderella Unni), Jung So min (Standby, Playfull kiss and Bad Guy) and Sung Joon (loved him in Shut Up: Flower boy band)

JTBC released 3 teasers already, and the drama will start to air 
October 29th.

The first teaser didn't excite me much (the storyline isn't that exciting tbh) but the second and third teaser sold me! 
Ahhh cable dramas = decent kiss scene! 

Btw, Sung Joon is so tall ! Love it!

Credits Simplysomin

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Pictures from the official website

Kyaa, can't wait! ^^